The Art of David Webb: Jewelry and Culture

Author Ruth Peltason, Photographs by Ilan Rubin

The Art of David Webb celebrates jewelry as a fusion of art and culture. Ruth Peltason, jewelry historian, author, and editor, expertly highlights the synergy between David Webb’s iconic pieces and the broader history of art and design. This book features 120 specially captured images, showcasing jewelry as a form of artistic expression inspired by various cultural periods.

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The World of David Webb


The David Webb workshop proudly sits above our Madison Avenue Flagship Boutique, and provides the house with unparalleled access to jewelry as it is being created. Every David Webb jewel is meticulously handcrafted by our master jewelers, from stone setting and gold hammering, to hard stone carving and enameling.



The Archives are the epicenter of David Webb, rich with brand DNA and heritage. The continual vocabulary of the house emerges from the drawings, the sketches, the renderings, and the historic editorial features, among many other features of the archive. Through these materials, we are able to authenticate pieces, and constantly mine our collections for creative ideas.

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David Webb has created one of the high jewelry industry's most extensive in-house archives, including detailed histories of many of the House's most famous pieces. The David Webb archival team would be happy to discuss your collection.

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