May 9 - 14
Doha Exhibition and Convention Center - Booth B10


American fine jewelry house, David Webb New York is pleased to return to the Doha Jewellery & Watches Exhibition (DJWE) for its 8th year, bringing magnificent High Jewelry and its new Zodiac and Asheville collections to the region for the first time. To celebrate its return, David Webb will reunite with artist Bouthayna Al Muftah for the 3rd year of partnership. 

To celebrate David Webb’s 8th visit to Qatar, the House will release a new, one-of-a-kind iteration of its classic Double Headed Lion Bracelet. Encrusted in over 500 brilliant-cut diamonds, the Double Headed Lion Bracelet is accented with 10 cabochon turquoise florets for the first time. Each lion head is adorned with a regal collar of cabochon emeralds. Since the early 1960s, David Webb has been fascinated with the figure of the lion, drawing, sketching, and designing dozens of unique lion jewels. The lion remains one of the house’s most iconic animals. 

The debut of the Asheville Collection marks the first collection since the founder's time to introduce entirely new design elements to the David Webb lexicon. The Collection exudes a fresh, easygoing vitality in pink opal with rubies, emerald beads, turquoise, diamonds and white enamel. Meanwhile, the palette of blue chalcedony with sapphires, turquoise, diamonds and white and blue enamel evokes serenity and bright horizons. Their complementary hues make it effortless (and advisable) to wear them together.

David Webb’s new Zodiac Collection consists of twelve double-sided pendants. Strong, rectangular, and bold, the 18K gold pendants appear as if carved from an ancient slab of gold. The pendants feature a stylized astrological sign on one side and the astrological symbol traced in diamonds on the other. With Zodiac, David Webb evokes the power of individuality - cleverly hinting at the strength of a lion, the balance of a scale, the duality of twins, or the fluidity of a fish. The archival designs are imbued with a new contemporary relevance that can be worn proudly every day as a singular statement, or layered amongst other meaningful treasures.

David Webb is also honored to reaffirm its partnership with artist Bouthayna Al Muftah for the 3rd year. On May 9th, David Webb will unveil a special in-booth collaboration featuring Al Muftah’s distinctive style. Previews of Al Muftah’s artwork will be released exclusively on David Webb’s Instagram, @davidwebbjewels, on the evening of May 8th.

David Webb New York will be located in the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, Booth B10 from May 9th thru May 13th.

About Bouthayna Al Muftah

Bouthayna Al Muftah is a Qatari artist that received a Bachelor of Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts Qatar in 2010. Upon her graduation, Al Muftah directed her artistic practice to painting, photography, printmaking, typography and documentation, which evolved over the years into large-scale installations and performance pieces. The core inspiration behind her artistic production is collective memory and cultural heritage, where she borrows elements from the people of Qatar’s oral history and folklore and readapts them to reflect her relationship with her land’s past.

Al Muftah’s fascination of all facets within the context of her country’s memories has led her to develop her research and reflect on life in the old neighborhoods of Qatar and the people who shaped them. As an approach to resuscitate and reconstruct past moments and memories into contemporary settings, she often finds characters and stories from these neighborhoods that transform in her own universe into the abstract figurative results seen in her work today. Al Muftah gradually turned to conceptual documentation through book-binding while reflecting time and space through a historical lens. Her latest body of work is based on a performance art series that is an exploration of aspects from memory and nostalgia placed in the present moment and extrapolating into the future. The result, a surrealist amalgamation of aspects that make up the lands fabric based on defining characteristics of tradition and identity. Immortalizing that which was previously lost in the abyss of time.