The David Webb Zodiac Collection: a new take on a classic theme.

Twelve double-sided pendants. A powerful, unconventional Zodiac sign, matched with the classic astrological symbol. Rendered in hammered gold - as if carved from an ancient slab - and adorned with diamonds, David Webb’s unique combination of symbolism and exceptional construction is brought to life in this series of talismanic pendant necklaces.


David Webb’s Zodiac roots can be seen in historic pieces - David Webb created several oversized zodiac medallions, which were proudly collected by leading tastemakers including Diana Vreeland, Frank Sinatra and Estee Lauder - in techniques and iconography seen in David Webb’s exceptional Ancient World collection, and in renderings and design ideas displayed in the David Webb Archive.

With Zodiac, David Webb evokes individual empowerment - cleverly hinting at the strength of a lion, the balance of a scale, the duality of twins, or the fluidity of a fish. In a playful game of the inner spirit and one’s outer style, the archival designs are imbued with a new contemporary relevance that can be worn close to the wearer’s chest proudly every day as a singular statement, or layered amongst other meaningful treasures.

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