Bracelets Woodworks

Shoulder Cuff, Ebony

Style No. 07752B-PYXWB


Ebony and polished 18K gold.


David Webb Woodworks collection shakes things up. It takes iconic David Webb designs, such as the Shoulder cuff, Buckle ring, Ski Slope ring, and Doorknocker earrings and gives them a sleek wardrobe change. Enamel and brilliant-cut diamonds are replaced with a more casual wood, either the nearly black ebony or the roseate colored bloodwood (cocobolo). 

Here, 18K yellow gold, often a star of David Webb jewelry, plays the supporting role and rather than hammered remains shiny and polished to define and contour the bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Ebony, with its dark raven coloring, highlighted with occasional streaks of gray, makes it the hands-down choice for those who like their jewelry bold. Its strong, sophisticated look signals comfortable confidence. The brighter shades of bloodwood are the brunettes of the Woodworks Collection. Their congenial coloring gives them versatility, an easy silhouette for Woodworks jewelry. Whether black or brown, both are neutrals to combine with everyday fashion. It’s that go-to piece, easy to put on and comfortable to wear.

Wood has always found a place in jewelry history as a viable substitute for gemstones. It's an organic material that appeals to many for its smooth texture and light weight, while remaining very durable. We understand its beauty and wear it as a good omen. David Webb explored new shapes and geometry that had not yet been explored in jewelry design, and these are most evident in the Shoulder cuff and Ski Slope ring designs. The Shoulder cuff, so called for the visual recall of strong angular padded shoulders or formal epaulets sits squarely on the wrist.

The Ski Slope ring creates juxtaposing angles across the finger for a sculptural effect. David Webb Woodworks collection results in jewelry that gets noticed, while remaining more casual and classic than their iconic counterparts.

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